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Values Based Appraisal - Training and Key Resources

Most staff who carry out appraisals will need to attend the half-day session which will update you on the new approach and process.  If you are a new manager or inexperienced in running appraisals, you may prefer to attend the full day sessions which are also available.   

If you  will be conducting appraisals, you will need to attend either the half day or the full day session, as appropriate.

This session assumes that you already undertake appraisals and focusses on using the new process to measure values and behaviours alongside performance objectives, developing a person centered approach around appraisal and succession planning in the organisation. 
Please be aware that this session doesn't allow time for in depth discussions and therefore is not suitable for those who are not confident appraisers.
This session is aimed at those staff who are new to appraisal or who would like to update or improve their skills and includes listening, questioning, and feedback skills. 
Please be aware this session is designed for those who are new to appraisals, are inexperienced, or would like a more in depth experience. If you are confident in your appraisal skills and only need to update to the new process, this session would not be advised.
Values Based Appraisal - Information Sessions
If you would like to run an information session for staff, you will find a presentation below which may be helpful.

Key Resources


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