Neidio i'r prif gynnwy

Confirmation you are fit for work

Pre-Employment Checks

Before you start your new job you will be asked to complete a questionnaire containing all of your details. You will also be asked questions regarding your health, and any relevant immunisations/vaccinations you have received in the past.

This information is then assessed by a qualified nurse in Occupational Health to determine if there are any current or potential health issues that may affect you in your new post, along with any adjustments that may need to be considered. The purpose of this screening is to ensure both you and your employer are safeguarded.

For many people this paper screening is the first and only stage of pre-employment screening, however there may be times when further information is required and you may receive a telephone call from the Occupational Health Nurse or be sent an appointment to attend Occupational Health to discuss this further.

Occupations undertaking Exposure Prone Procedures (EPPs) will require screening for blood borne viruses such as:

  • HIV
  • Hep B 
  • Hep C                                                                          
Referrals to Occupational Health
Managers Referral

Managers may refer a member of staff for a health evaluation to obtain answers to specific questions about an individual’s health after illness or injury using the Management Referral form (n.b. this form is only available if you are logged onto a UHB PC). Requests for other assistance including general advice or workplace assessment should be made in writing to the department.

The Occupational Health Service cannot give a final definitive opinion on whether an individual will receive protection from the Equality Act 2010. The final decision always rests with the Employment Tribunal. However the Occupational Health Service may be able to provide advice on the basis of experience and knowledge of past cases.

Self Referral

Members of staff experiencing difficulty in the workplace because of a health related issue may self refer in writing or by telephone. It is generally advisable although not essential to ensure that your line manager is aware of your self referral.


Management Referral advice for employees 

Managers Referral advice for managers (Under development)


Work Place Visits

Work place visits are carried out to ensure compliance with Display Screen Equipment DSE regulations or to look at other problems in the workplace, such as space, temperature, humidity, noise levels, layout, moving and handling etc, for which our qualified advisers can provide advice on regulations and guidance on any adjustments required, therefore creating a healthier and more comfortable working environment for your employees. 

A work place visit can only be arranged if you have been assessed in Occupational Health first.

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