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Medical Appraisal and Revalidation

All Medical and Dental Staff in Cardiff and Vale UHB are required to take part in annual appraisal in line with the All Wales Medical Appraisal policy.

It has been agreed across NHS Wales that the Medical Appraisal & Revalidation System (MARS) is the only route to an annual appraisal for Medical and Dental staff. If you are not registered and have recently started working for Cardiff and Vale UHB you can register through the above link.

From 3rd December 2012, all licensed doctors, wherever they work, are required to undergo revalidation by the General Medical Council (GMC) at 5-yearly intervals. Further information can be found on the GMC’s website.

As Responsible Officer for Cardiff and Vale UHB, Dr Stuart Walker (Medical Director) is required by law to make recommendations to the GMC as to whether individual doctors with a prescribed connection to the Health Board have demonstrated their continued fitness to practise and can therefore be revalidated. These recommendations will be based on evidence that doctors have undergone annual appraisal which meets the standards set out by the GMC. 

(Note that the Postgraduate Dean is the Responsible Officer for junior doctors in postgraduate training posts).

There are three recommendations that the Responsible Officer can make:


This recommendation will be made for doctors who have met the revalidation criteria by providing evidence that they are fit and safe to practice medicine. If the recommendation is approved by the GMC a new revalidation date is issued for 5 years time.


A deferral can be made if there is an appropriate reason why a doctor has been unable to comply with the appraisal/revalidation process. This recommendation allows the doctor further time to complete the required information - the minimum deferral period being 4 months and maximum 12 months.


This recommendation will be made if a doctor has not met the criteria and has demonstrated a lack of engagement in the appraisal or revalidation process. This recommendation can put a doctor’s License to Practice Medicine at risk.

It is therefore essential that if you are a doctor working in the UHB (including honorary contract holders) and have a prescribed connection with the UHB, that you prepare for revalidation by making sure you undergo annual appraisal and personal development planning.

Multi-Source Feedback (MSF)

As part of the Revalidation process the GMC require every doctor once in each 5 year Revalidation cycle to seek feedback from colleagues and patients and review and act upon that feedback as appropriate. The Welsh Government on behalf of the Health Boards of Wales has procured a single patient and colleague multi-source feedback (MSF) system for Wales and the HBs have agreed to fund the system for all NHS doctors in Wales.

Orbit 360 Clinical, a commercial provider, has been chosen to provide the system for the first revalidation cycle. If you already have colleague and/or patient feedback that meets GMC requirements there is no compulsion to undertake an additional exercise.

In order to meet revalidation requirements the feedback must be taken to appraisal. If your feedback report is returned to you after the last appraisal before your Revalidation date then you must complete the MSF Validation Form with your SMC and return it to the Appraisal & Revalidation Team.

You can take part in an MSF at anytime in the 5 year Revalidation cycle and if you have not yet received an invitation from Orbit 360 Clinical and wish to take part in an MSF please contact the Appraisal & Revalidation Team.

Supportive Medical Colleague (SMC)

The SMC is sometimes referred to as a facilitator and will be a colleague who knows you and is willing to support you through the process, i.e. an appraiser, mentor, etc. Their role is to approve your colleague raters and to discuss the feedback with you including providing perspective and encouraging reflection. The SMC should not be related to you but may be someone else with whom you work closely.

Please don’t forget to email your SMC details to Orbit 360 Clinical. Your report will not be released without an SMC and it will delay the process.

For queries regarding Appraisal or Revalidation please contact a member of the Appraisal & Revalidation Team or send any general queries to:

Useful contacts

Mr Richard Skone - Assistant Medical Director (Medical Workforce) & Revalidation Lead

Cardiff & Vale Revalidation Team

029 21843134 (Option 2)


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