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Strategic Equality Plan Fair Care 2016-20

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is proud to publish its Strategic Equality Plan Fair Care 2016-20.

This is our second four year Strategic Equality Plan (SEP) and is closely aligned to our ten year strategy ‘Shaping Our Future Well-being’ and our Intermediate Medium Term Plan (IMTP 2016/17-18/19) as well as to the organisation’s values. Our ambition is that a person’s chance of leading a healthy life is the same wherever they live and whoever they are. This SEP sets out as plainly as we can the most important improvements and outcomes we want to achieve and some of the ways in which we will deliver improvements between April 2016 and March 2020.

Communication, respect, access, quality of care and equality of pay are at the heart of this plan.

The responsibility for implementing the scheme falls to all employees, Board members, volunteers, agents or contractors delivering services or undertaking work on behalf of the UHB.

SEP actions will be linked to UHB strategic objectives and progress will be monitored through regular reports to the appropriate Board Committees.

Every year we will continue to produce an Annual Equality Report which will show how we are doing.  You can view previous reports here and here 

  • Download the Strategic Equality Plan Fair Care 2016-20
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