Neidio i'r prif gynnwy

Cyflogi Prentis

**Wythnos Genedlaethol Prentisiaethau 8-14 Chwefror 2021**

Tystebau Prentisiaeth 2021


Ceri Hill, Rheolwr Addysg Feddygol

Luke Cordery, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, Addysg Feddygol Nicky Punter, Rheolwr Llinell, Dysgu a Datblygu Addysg Shauna Jones, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, Iechyd Galwedigaethol
Chloe Knott, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, Dysgu a Datblygu Addysg Lylah Ali, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, Cedar Sara Gomes, Arweinydd Tîm Gweinyddol a Rheolwr Prosiect, Iechyd Galwedigaethol


Tommos Martin, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, Addysg Feddygol

Erin Harry Pugh, Prentis Gweinyddu Busnes, yr Uned Brintio, Darlunio Meddygol Melissa Melling, Cyfarwyddwr Creadigol a Rheolwr Stiwdio, Darlunio Meddygol (Rheolwr Llinell)  



Recruiting apprentices into appropriate vacancies is a sustainable way of assuring and growing your workforce for the future. Please review Manager's Guidance and Apprenticeship Recruitment Process which will give you the detail you require from the recruitment to the Apprentice potentially securing employment at the end of the qualification.

Key facts:

  • Apprentices can be any age
  • Apprentices will undertake a qualification framework relevant to your area
  • Apprentices will be on a fixed term apprentice contract
  • Hours of work can be anything over 16 hours per week (not exceeding 37.5)
  • The apprentice salary is funded from your department establishment

If you have a vacancy in your area and you think this would be suitable for an Apprentice, please contact Emma Bendle, the Apprenticeship & Widening Access Co-ordinator to  discuss. The table below gives an overview of the process, but please refer the Manager Guidance above for the full process. A quick overview of the process below can be accessed here.


Note any upcoming vacancies in your establishment and consider if they would be appropriate to develop into an apprenticeship post.


Contact Emma Bendle who is the Apprenticeship & Widening Access Co-ordinator, who will assist with developing the job description, person specification and liaising with local education providers.

Advertise Emma Bendle will advertise through appropriate channels such as NHS jobs and liaise with the Career Wales Job Matching Service and training providers.

Shortlist, interview and appoint.

Recruitment checks completed and contracts sent by shared services and induction commenced.

CPD The apprentice will begin their educational pathway on commencement, a mentor will  be assigned and development is monitored through 1:1s and supervision.
Future Successfully achieve qualification. Interview for potential permanent post and enrol onto higher apprentice qualification.



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