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Personal Health Record

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is introducing an exciting new online service to give our patients access to their Personal Health Records (PHR). This is using an internet-enabled platform provided by Patients Know Best (PKB). We are rolling out the online service with the intention to register all of our patients over the coming months. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Health Board is changing the way in which it delivers its services. A key part of how the changes can be made possible is through the use of a Personal Health Record (PHR) or patient portal. This allows patients to see appointment letters, clinical correspondence, reports and test results. It provides a secure method for patients and clinical teams to communicate and is where health and care professionals can upload resources to enable patients to better manage their own conditions such as videos for physiotherapy, or how to care for your medical device. It also allows patients to upload information from wearables which may be helpful to staff in managing the health and care of patients.

Click here to log into Patients Know Best.


How does your PHR work?

Your Personal Health Record (PHR) is designed to give you and your healthcare teams instant access to your health records, including up-to-date information on treatments, medication, allergies, and care plans. This information can be shared with different medical teams and carers to speed up and improve treatment.

This means you can access a more holistic and accurate medical record in real-time.

The system offers our clinical teams the confidence to make decisions based on more accurate information from all the different healthcare providers involved in the patient’s care. 


How does it help me?

The system will give you access to your health information with the ability to share this securely with any health and care professionals involved in your care, and your carers or family members. 

  • You will see your appointments, medical letters, test results, care plans, and discharge summaries.
  • You can also book appointments, record observations and access resources created by you.
  • The system offers secure messaging, shared care planning and symptom tracking with information available in real-time.
  • Access to self-management tools also makes it easier and much safer for patients to monitor or track their health condition. That means they can quickly get the help or advice needed when something isn’t quite right. 

View the Cardiff and Vale UHB Personal Health Record Privacy Notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I received an invitation [letter/email/SMS] to sign up to a Personal Health Record - what is this about?”

  • This is a fantastic new service we’re offering our patients to give you greater control of your care. Your Personal Health Record will help you to keep track of your health-related visits along with the tools to more safely manage your health at home.
  • You will see your medical record online and have the ability to share this with your healthcare professionals, or any family member or carer involved in your care.
  • Please be reassured this is a free service. There is no charge for you to use it. 


“What’s the benefit? What information can I see?”

  • This is the secure way we share with you your:
    • outpatient appointments and hospital letters
    • Test results with advice and explanations about what they mean
    • Care plans
    • Hospital discharge information
  • It’s also the place for you to record important medical information such as:
    • allergies
    • medications you’re taking
    • information about your diagnosis
    • to store all your medical correspondence in one place.
  • Finally, there are other useful tools to help:
    • monitor and track your symptoms
    • keep a health journal
    • exchange messages with your healthcare team
    • share your record with others involved in your care. For example, carers, family/friends, your GP, pharmacist, paramedic, or at-home care provider (if you have one). This is important if you’re ever away and need care, or if you have a long-term condition/any specific care needs.


“Is this secure; and how can I be sure my information won’t be shared or sold?”

  • Your Personal Health Record is powered by Patients Know Best (PKB), a programme which is hosted within the NHS network. Therefore, it’s just as secure as the information we as a hospital hold about you.
  • We chose PKB because it meets the strict NHS requirements for health record systems and is fully compliant with the Data Protection Legislation 2018.
  • All personal and health information is encrypted so that PKB only has access to your NHS number, which is non-identifiable. Only you and the people you choose (e.g. healthcare staff, carers) can access your information. This means PKB cannot see or access your personal or health information - they simply host it.


“What devices is your Personal Health Record compatible with; and do I need an internet connection?”

You can access your Personal Health Record from any tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop device via an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. However, you (or a carer) will need internet access to receive your correspondence and to use all the features.


“Can I ask a carer or family member to register on my behalf?”
Yes. Family members and carers can, with your consent, register on your behalf. However, they should not use their own email account to do this. If you want the family member or carer to have access to your record they can be added in the “sharing” section. This will allow them to set up their own account and allow you to control the level of access they have to your record.


“Why is my record empty?”

We are unable to add any information until you have registered. Once you have registered, your correspondence will start to become available. In the meantime, you can add your own information, such as tracking your symptoms or recording any allergies or medication you take. More and more healthcare services offered by Cardiff and Vale UHB are coming online with the digital personal health record. We’re working to integrate all of your medical records from November 2020.


“Does it cost me anything?”

No, this is a totally free service offered by Cardiff and Vale UHB.


“Where can I find out more?”

You can visit and click to learn more about using the platform.


“I’m having technical problems. Who should I contact?”

Please email Patients Know Best directly at You only need to provide your name, the name of the organisation that created your account (i.e. this hospital) and a summary of the problem(s) you have encountered. If you have issues with the information available in PKB relating to your records, please email


“When will the service that I access go live?”

We are rolling out digital Personal Health Records across many of our services over a number of months. This means we will add more information to your digital record over time. If you have any queries please contact


“I access multiple CAV services. Do I need multiple accounts?”

No, all of your care from Cardiff and Vale UHB will be accessed from your single, personal health record account

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